Formed by Simon Mason with support from a highly talented and experienced team of specialists in their field, Motorsport Tuition was formed in 2005 to make driver coaching more accessible within motorsport. However Simons history in motorsport goes back to the mid 1980's.

Motorsport Tuition build the finest simulators on the market because we see each one as a training tool for the real world alongside obvious high end eSports capability.  To achieve our expectations in build each simulator must achieve four goals.

1.  RELEVANCE       The build needs to be directly relevant to the customers specific car handling characteristics and controler weights.

2. ACCURATECY   All builds need to be capable of suitable tuning detail to achieve the required relevance.

3. LOGICAL           Every input from the driver must have a reaction that can be understood and be directly relevant to the real world car. 

4. PRACTICALITY   All builds must be straightforward to use, upgradeable when required and priced without Motorsport tax! 

To achieve the four goals every simulator is hand built and set up personaly by Simon because, for the last 30+ years his job has been teaching drivers in the real world both in motorsport and specifically for car brands Aston Martin, Porsche, Ferrari, Caterham and BMW to name a small portion of his experience.   Simon also has the ability and experience to be honest with himself and his actions in tuning the simulator so the feel is correct not just a "gaming rig".


About Simon Mason

There was a time not so long ago when it was very hard to go to a race circuit in the UK for more than a couple of weeks without coming across Simon Mason coaching a client.  Simon was one of the first full time racing driver coaches, it was'nt a side line to another job or means to the next drive, it was what Simon was.  He had race and championship winners in everything from Sprinting to British GT, himself included.  

Simon now has a family and lives in Manchester and that life style is not sustainable so now he can be found developing, testing and building simulators for clients and occassionally working for Porsche and Aston Martin.  You can see detail about his expereince here.

Motor racing is in Simon's blood, he competes in BPEC Kart races when he can and races at the Le Mans 24hr kart race each year. 

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