We do not rely on simulators to fund an expensive workshop and vehicle, certain days of the week are set aside for real world racing driver training and car testing with the others set aside specifically to simulator test and building. The result is fair pricing on what is a high quality luxury product that will rival anything on the market.      

We have a huge back calatalogue of tried and tested simulation products to pick the most suitable with simply following online chat room hype. We have our test rig which has well and truely become a bit of a triggers broom after testing, several different pedal sets, steering wheel bases and gear shifters. We also Oculus Rift S and VIVE Pro VR head sets alongside triple monitor set ups. Whilst we now focus on two software titles we run them all for suitabiliy at some stage within the last 12 months..  

Prices are subject to VAT @ 20%.  Delivery on simulators is subject to a fee for mileage but installation and initial training is included.  Please inquire if unsure.  Option costs are specificaly for upgrade at build and not sold seperately prices.  Due to the nature of the huge range of components comming from all over the UK and EU prices quoted maybe subject to change prior to final quotation. These prices are a guide. 


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