Preparation breeds success, any professional will testify to this.  Simulators offer easy regular opportunities to keep the brain trained, to develop our concentration stamina, to improve our driving discipline so when we hit the track for real, we are ready to go.

There is no denying a simulator is a safe and artificial replication of the thrill of real world racing but in a correctly balanced simulator, we have to apply ourselves to controlling the environment in exactly the same way as the real world.  Motorsport Tuition simulators are not built as toys, they are built as tools.

With over 30 years of simulator and real world racing experience we can also provide guidance on the correct use of your simulator for personal training.  Please read below some references from our clients.

Trevor Fowell
Multiple Caterham Champion
"I have a normal job with limits to my spare time and budget and quickly realised I needed to make the most of practice days if I was going to achieve my goals. Tuition was the only way and this is where Simon stepped in. He made the process of learning tracks, the driving style, set up direction and the logic required to win races easy to understand."  
Paul Allen

Radical RSX & classic FF2000 racer 

"Having recently used the Motorsport Tuition Simulator facility I was very impressed with the realism of the controls and vehicle response. I have been using my own Logitech and projector home simulator set up and instantly felt more involved here.  A major added benefit for me was the driver tuition allowing me to take away sim based learning points which I can now apply on track at my next race test session."

Dan Gore
Caterham Multiple Race Winner

"I have benefitted from Simon’s tuition since moving from karts to cars in 2013.  He combines an encyclopaedic knowledge of UK racetracks with a calm, thoughtful and analytical approach to teaching.  His focus on developing a driver’s understanding of car behaviour and how to influence it allows lessons learnt at one corner to be applied more generally to other corners, tracks and cars."



Clive Marsden
Caterham Sprinter and Track Day regular
"Really enjoyed my session on the Motorsport Tuition simulator operated by Simon Mason. I recommend both new and existing competitors to try it. Having not used a professional simulator before i was surprised at the amount of concentration and driving discipline needed. Looking forward to my next session."


Mark Bennett


VTec Challenge Honda S2000 Race Winner & Caterham 420R Racer

"The coaching points Simon has given me have stuck with me every time I go on track, and have shown a continued improvement, and no more spins! I have since had numerous podiums, class wins, series lap records and an overall race win! I have also received invaluable on-going support over the last few years which has really helped my results. Whilst I have continued to improve the car, the coaching fundamentals Simon has given me still apply and have made the biggest difference and also apply to other cars I race." 

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