Motorsport-Tuition use the leading software titles, car mods and tracks created by very clever and talented people who in some cases build the cars and tracks as a hobby.  We have the utmost respect for these people and as such never charge for any software that is available FOC.  Any charges made are only and always at cost to us where applicable.

Our simulators are built as training tools for the real world and as such it is sometimes essential to modify physics files to make cars perform in a relevant manner.  Where this happens only owners of Motorsport-Tuition simulators have access to these changes.  Once a customer takes ownership we see it as part of our responsibility to support and advise our customers FOC via phone and email for the first 12 months. Thereafter we offer a service visit and ongoing support as required. Please enquire.

Below are links some cars and tracks that we believe work really well with a correctly set up simulator.

Track Downloads
Tracks rated 1 to 5 on their quality and reality, 1 being "its something" to 5 being its very very good. 
Please register with Race Department to download these tracks. Please be aware they are all for Assetto Corsa unless otherwise stated.
Donington Park GP & National  Rated 3.5
Oulton Park all versions   Rated 4
Croft  Rated 3
Knockhill   Rated 3
Cadwell Park both versions   Rated 3.5
Anglesey Trac Mon   Rated 3
Goodwood   Rated 2.5
Snetterton   Rated 2
Castle Combe   Rated 2
Car Downloads
As real world racers we know what the real cars and tracks should feel like. Below are cars and tracks created by very talented specialists that we believe are very good additions your collection of training options.  Specific set ups are available to clients so you can avoid the days of testing and tweaking required to make it spot on.
Please register with Race Department to download these cars.
The cars listed below are all for Assetto Corsa unless otherwise stated.
Ginetta G55 GT4   A good alround high grip car model.
Classic FF1600   This car moves around allot on entry and exit to corners so is best suited to clients with none paddle shift options and a fully circular steering wheel set up. 
SEAT Cup Racer TCR   Arguably one of the best FWD mods. Takes some getting used to if your unfamilair with high power aero FWD cars but realistic once dialed in. 
Caterham 420R    This car model will need significant set up changes to be realistic but good once done.  Clients are welcome to request a set up file that will make this car feel more like the real thing.

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